Web Application Testing

Functional testing

We offer automated, semi-automated, manual functional testing capabilities to guarantee front and back end application components function well and as originally planned.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing

Combined with cross-browser testing involves cleaning up functional defects and web application layout. Our professional testers will check application compatibility with Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers to guarantee flawless behavior in any browser or version.

Usability testing complements GUI testing

It reveals usability inconsistencies and defects that might leave users confused. We want your Web application to have intuitive navigation and be simple and user-friendly.

Performance testing

Reveals your web application’s blockages and break points. We want your web application to be able to tolerate larger loads and stress conditions. So we analyze current and planned data and user loads and adjust the software and hardware mechanisms for optimal tolerance levels.

Development Process

With a serious and regardful attitude towards your business, we start from the point of concept examination: our specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it. We offer two most common and effective development methodologies: waterfall and agile.

Security testing

Includes looking for cross-site scripting, URL manipulation, sensitive data disclosure, SQL injection vulnerabilities, among other things.
The Conceptbux Software testing services include regression testing and defect validation. We verify repairs on all bugs detected, that there are no new bugs, and look for seamless interaction between application components and modules.

How We Handle Different Types of Web Solutions

Our clients count on us to produce comprehensive, cost-effective and scalable QA services for web applications of various complexity levels and sizes.

Simple Web Applications

Less prep, more routine. We choose and run a group of best-practice tests and give clients access to the most appropriate tool for bug tracking. Our breadth of experience in testing web applications enables us to deliver superior results faster and with lower costs.

Complex Web Applications & Portals

Expect longer functionality web applications that may work within complex operating environments. At Orient Software our professional analysts strategize testing activities for actual business scenarios. Our analysts integrate testing activities into the software application’s development and QA processes to guarantee on-going reporting, defect fixing and validation.

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