Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Testing

ConceptBux is leading company for quality assurance and testing in all over the world. There are two most major processes for quality assurance, first is improving the process & second is monitoring. It makes sure that the development of projects will be proficient based on the properly determined standards, requirements, and features requisite without any error, defect and problems. It’s looks and tried to get better development process from the starting of the project to ensure this, & it’s oriented to “avoidance”.


Project or application testing is leaning to ‘detection’. It does examine a program or a system under illegal terms & conditions. It’s intentionally making things go fake, when they should not & unexpected happens, they should not.

The projects developed by us are tested by our testing team as:-

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Gray-Box Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Visual Testing
  • System Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Install and uninstall Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Alpha and Beta Testing
  • Regression Testing

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