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Challenges with Mobile Applications

The market for mobile applications is unique because of the highly competitive, fluctuating landscape and wide range of different mobile devices, as well as carriers and regularly updated iOS, Windows Phone and Android operating systems. Therefore, the foundation for industry success will be high quality, high functioning mobile applications.
Your mobile application’s quality, functionality, compatibility across all relevant devices, usability, and aesthetic appeal all play a critical role in the app’s success in particular, and – more importantly – in your business.
Today, end users’ requirements and expectations are growing exponentially so they have more opportunity to directly influence your business. Any performance, functionality or usability problems the users face will affect the success of your mobile application, which proves the necessity for good quality assurance.
Conceptbux Software successfully delivers easily deploy-able mobile solutions to you by avoiding all major hurdles that can affect development, delivery, release, deployment and distribution.
critical role in the app’s success in particular, and – more importantly – in your business.

Types of Testing

We will discover mobile app bugs and also test the following areas.

User Experience

  • User Interface design consistency, visual problems and behavior of UI.
  • Responsive design on various screen densities and sizes.
  • UI visualization and device feedback.
  • Functional testing and executing user journeys.
  • App-specific functionality user experience.


Performance Perspective

  • Processor demands and app memory.
  • Network bandwidth demands.
  • Insufficient resources app behavior.
  • App behavior in regard to multitasking.

Security Perspective

  • Remote storage.
  • Data transfers.
  • Web services.
  • Mobile messaging.


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