Within 4 Months of Release, iOS 10 Already Powers 76% of iOS Devices!

Just four months into its release, the latest OS version of Apple’s iOS is already being run by 76 percent of the overall market. Last time we checked, towards the end of November, the market for Apple’s latest and greatest stood at 63 percent, indicating that numbers are still rolling in as we type. The progress was shown on App Store developers’

The share of the older OS versions continues to decline, with iOS 9 on just 18 percent of devices, and versions from iOS and before on just 6 percent of the market. It is safe to assume that there are only a very small number of iPhones and iPads around which don’t run Apple’s flatter, non-skeuomorphic iteration of iOS 7 and up, which comprise the only major update to the iOS design language yet.

In the future, the number should rise even further aided by sales as well as new updates. The latest iOS 10.2 update brings a plethora of features including new wallpapers and emojis as well as visual overhauls in iMessage. There’s the new TV app, as well as updates to Camera and Music, 3D Touch features as well as a more productive Siri. Bug fixes, it goes without saying, are added.

The iOS 10 is compatible with devices as old as the iPhone 5, with devices such as iPad mini 2 and the 6th-generation iPod Touch also supporting which are all combined bound to form a major section of the market.

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